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Oh eskimo bob, how I've missed you!
Thanks for bringing him back for this one time :D
The episode is a bit ehm underachieving considering it's been 4 years. I kinds expected more, awesome spacefish stuff. But ah, well good to see that you are still live and kickin.

Man I saw this at Lowlands 2008! Freaking amazing! The whole crowd was laughing their asses off.


You know everybody is good at something.
Every animator on newgrounds has his or her own style that they are very good and familiar with.

But to see you combine all these styles like this and with such a high quality! That´s just amazing. You have some real talent here. spent it wise!

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Wow just wow. This game Is so awesome! At the beginning I was terrible, but after a while I started to get the hang of it.

I feel like I am now ready to be launched into space or something. No really all astronauts should train using this game!

Such a major dissapointment

*sigh* I actually wrote a review about Age of War 2 once stating all the below. Your constantly doing the same stuff and your not doing anything new or better.
To be a fair sport it still is a good game, but if you upload the same game 3 times it doesn't mean you're getting the same credit 3 times.

Really just do something new, or give this a bigger metamorphose. The part where you have to control your defense guy is slightly new.

I agree with D-code that it doesn't make ANY sense at all that you have to purchase skills for characters that you don't even own. I played part 1/2/3 to the end, but I'm not bothering with this one.

You are still in my favorite author's list, because your games have entertained me in the past and I know that you have the skills to do so again, but seriously do it...

And write some damn new music!

Perfecting an old concept.

Wow amazing,

This game was really entertaining I actually played until day 139, which must have taken over an hour.
These kind of games have been done before, so this isn't exactly new. It does however perfect an old concept.

I really laughed how the zombie thing started in Holland, because there was a tulip eating cult. Hehe Being Dutch that was quite funny. :D
Once anybody here starts eating tulips I'll shotgun their heads!

The only thing that was really painful to see in this game where the zombie attack interludes. Apparently you're a very good programmer, but that animation with the zombies sort of sliding towards the fence was just to painful to watch. (Thanks though for the skip option)
For a sequel I'd advise cramping up the graphic's but thats pretty much it actually.

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'A bit plain'

Pretty cool short,

This song reminded me of the first Unreal game.

I like the combination of the deep drumms and the violins, but it just sounded a bit to plain. I could sort of feel the war theme in there, but it was actually a little bit to calm for war you know.

You should listen to some of the soundtracks from the movie 'Gladiator'. I believe they won an oscar or something with their music. Anyway their songs are what I think you were going for with this song, they validate from calm 'silence before the storm moments' to raging battle moments.

Anyway I hope you can do something with that.

overall pretty cool, would be a good fit in an epic RPG game.



weird stuff. How the hell did you get hacked btw? :p

Egoraptor responds:

God can we stop talking about this


awesome it loops perfect, so you could listen to this for hours :D

The electronic guitar sound... mweh

Sorry I just don't like electronic sounds.

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gun should also be drawn in the same angle


Damn this is awesome.
The only thing that is somehow disturbing me is the fact that the guy isn't facing the same way as bowser is. Bowser seems to be facing a bit more into the camera. And is drawed with bowser in an angle of 45 degrees or something, while the gun is drawed from the side 90 degrees.

I don't know why, but it's...hmm well. It would be pretty stupid to say it's unnatural to point a gun somewhere you aren't looking, but then again a giant turtle/lizard thing holding a gun seems highly unlikely at itself right? :P

Bowser would make a good Dirty Harry, even better than Clint :P
This is a magnum 44, it'll blow your sewer pipes clean off. You could grab your gun.
The only question is: Do you feel lucky....Italian plumber punk? XD

Gonzossm responds:

I love me some big reviews. Yah its a good point on him not facing where hes aiming XD, but I liked his face staring at the screen. The gun was added in at last moments of the lineart. Originally it was gonna have him shooting mario in the face, BUT it wouldve diverted attention to bowsers sexy face :3 glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the review <3! ;D


heh, link is having his period. Besides that awesome drawing

dommi-fresh responds:

once a month in the most natural way possible flows from links butt hole

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